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Say Hello to Pistachio!

The votes are in and it's P I S T A C H I O for the win of our rum cake mystery pack! 🧐🗳🎉 Thank you for all who voted! .

My grandma was the queen of saving recipes from the newspapers and magazines.  She would cut them all out perfectly and tape them into notebooks or stack them in folders. When I found the Pistachio cake recipe cutout, I knew we had to try it as a rum cake.

Did you know they originally called it Watergate Cake? Apparently the Watergate hotel was known for its pistachio cake(and/or salad) during the Nixon scandal.

The light flavor of pistachio and almond in this rum cake is perfect for spring. The rum in the batter and the glaze keeps it super moist while crushed pistachios add the perfect amount of texture.

*On the website and ready to order ;)


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