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New Gluten Free Flavors

We want all of our gluten free rum cake lovers to have more flavors to choose from than just our classic golden vanilla or coconut. When one of our customers recently asked us if we could make our new Painkiller rum cake in gluten free, we put our science hats on and tried it out - Success!

Gluten free customers can now enjoy my favorite mixed drink in a rum cake. Our gluten free Painkiller rum cake is a fruity mix of orange, pineapple and coconut softened with the warmth of nutmeg. As usual double glazed, moist and delicious.

And don't forget that we ship! So no matter how near or far your friends and family are, you can send them a sweet gluten free rum cake made from scratch in Wilmington NC.

Now available in 5 oz or 16 oz.


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