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Make an impression with custom wedding favors

Can you remember what the last wedding favor you got was? Neither can I...

When you give out a Cape Fear Rum Cake, your guests will remember!

Especially when we package them in your wedding colors and label them with your very own monogram.

We offer over 20 box colors as well as free in-house graphic design.

Choice of label shape: Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle

Choose from over 10 flavors. While our Golden Vanilla rum cake is the classic crowd pleaser, we also have lots of seasonal flavors to celebrate. Was there a key lime pie you shared on your first date? We make Key Lime rum cake! Did you fall in love at a campfire with s'mores? We make s'mores rum cake! Of course we do make normal rum cake flavors like coconut and pineapple too. All of our cakes are labeled in accordance with the NC Dept. of Agriculture so your guests know exactly what flavor they're getting.

Because of their 6 month shelf life and stable packaging we can ship our rum cakes directly to your wedding location or corporate customers.

Give out the most memorable wedding favors or send the tastiest corporate gifts.

For more info email:

Kraft brown boxed rum cake with circle monogram for wedding favors.

Custom wedding favor rum cake in white box with light blue circle dated label.

Custom corporate gift in black box with white oval logo label for holiday giveaway.


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