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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Have anymore? Shoot us an email at 



Shelf Life

How long will our cakes last?

Thanks to the rum and the vacuum seal, our cakes will stay fresh in the box for 6 months at room temperature. If you freeze them, they can stay fresh for a year.

Once you open the vacuum seal, wrap in plastic wrap and store in the fridge for up to a week.



Alcohol Content 

Will I get drunk?

While we only use real rum in the batter and the glaze, most of the alcohol cooks out. When we had our cake tested it was 0.7%. To put that into perspective, a non-alcoholic beer is 0.5%.



Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

On our website, each order can only have 1 shipping address. That means 1 order per address.

Feel free to email me a gift list with the recipients address as well as any note you would like included in the box.



Adding a Gift Message

Can I add a note to my gift?

Yes. At the checkout on the bottom left hand side of the screen, there is a spot that says "Add A Note". Please click this and include it there as well as any shipping date requests.

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