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The crew behind Cape Fear Rum Cake

     One of our friends once told us, 'You guys just have a way of falling into things'.  And we do!  I'm from Canada and Danny is from Puerto Rico but we met in Ft Lauderdale while attending art school.  We moved up and down the east coast pursuing careers in art and fashion.  Realizing that we needed to find a city we would be happy to start a family in, we sold all of our possessions and set out on a 10 month RV adventure that took us across the United States and landed us right back in Wilmington NC.  We had always loved Wilmington (we have family here), it just took us a 20 state adventure to figure out how much we loved it. 

     Cape Fear Rum Cake was originally started by Kris and Richard, friends of my parents.  They had started the rum cake business with a family recipe after leaving the corporate world. The company is named after the river basin that flows through Wilmington.  It was frequented by pirates and would cause shipwrecks because of the shifting sandbars.  

     We had just moved to the area and were looking for work.  Kris and Rich needed some help completing orders so we started to bake with them part time.  When Kris and Richard spoke of moving to Thailand, we asked how we could take over the company as we didn't want to see this great product disappear.  Danny and I had many jobs working together over the years and loved working side by side.  In January of 2014, Danny and I became the official owners of Cape Fear Rum Cake.  One of Danny's previous jobs had been as a baker/cake decorator so he's the master of recipes.  I'm head glazer since my first job was icing donuts.  In 2015, we welcomed our first employee, head boss and future box folder(it's good motor skill development).


     A lot of people ask what makes our cakes different than the caribbean.  We strive to find the balance between the taste of rum and a delicious dessert.  Real rum is the only rum in our cakes and works as a natural preservative giving them a 6 month shelf life.  We bake in small batches to ensure that you receive the highest quality product.  Since taking over we've added 2 new standard flavors(rum velvet and dark chocolate) and also created seasonal flavors like Banana Chocolate Chip Rum Cake for the summer and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip for fall.

     Our latest creation is a Lemon rum cake for the spring.  So light and bright, it may just have to become a standard flavor.


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small business family picture of the Cape Fear Rum Cake crew

Cape Fear Specialty Foods, LLC - 114 N. Front St - Wilmington NC 28401 - 910.508.1357

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