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Summerville SC, see ya'll soon!

It's been a few years since we've participated in the Flowertown Festival but we're coming back.

We'll be set up on Main St and selling our delicious rum cakes this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday(Mar. 31- Apr. 2). We'll have our 6 standard flavors as well as our newest, Lemon Rum Cake, perfect for Easter baskets or mother's day gifts. With a 6 month shelf life, you can buy our cakes now and hide them away for your special events.

Below is our red velvet rum cake. It's a standard flavor profile for us, after all we're in the Carolinas.

We call it rum velvet since it tends to come out a little burgundy, a side effect of double glazing each cake with real rum. A sprinkle of white chocolate chips adds a sweet surprise to each bite.

You can always order online or click here for a link to the festival website.

Small red velvet rum cake by Cape Fear Rum Cake

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