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Mystery Pack Revealed to Rave Reviews

Doesn't that sound like a front page newspaper title right there?

If you missed out on our mystery pack, when it was a mystery, here's your chance to get all three before we announce the winner!

We had such wonderful reviews of all 3 flavors that we're making it available once more before we announce the winner.🥇If you've already tasted all 3 and loved 1 or 2, you can create your own 3 pack and get the flavors you want regardless of the winner.🤤

🔴White Chocolate Raspberry - Just like you think, raspberry cake sprinkled with white chocolate chips. It goes especially well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

🟢Pistachio - Have you ever had a Pistachio muffin from Lowe's foods?? Just like that but super moist from the rum. Crushed pistachios add the perfect amount of texture.

🟤Dark Chocolate Mint - Those girl scouts don't sell rum cake but this will make you think they do! I've been keeping this one in the freezer and eating it while it's cold. Tastes just like a thin mint cookie except so, soo, sooo smooth.


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