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Cape Fear Rum Cakes for Wedding Favors and Corporate Gifts!

You know how you're at a wedding and they cut the cake and all you can think is:

"I'm still so full from dinner!"

Our 5 oz cakes are a delicious treat to take and enjoy!

We double glaze our rum cakes and vacuum seal them the same day them so they will stay fresh and moist in the box for 6 months. We can personalize them with a monogram for your wedding favor, or your business logo for your corporate holiday gifts.

Available in 6 flavors: Golden Vanilla, Coconut, Pineapple, Chocolate, Cherry Chocolate and our Brand NEW Flavor, Rum Velvet. (That's right, RUM velvet, as in red velvet made with white chocolate chips and glazed with dark rum. Soooo good.)

Call or email to get a quote today!


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