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small pistachio rum cake

It's our Mystery Pack winner!!

My grandma was the queen of saving recipes from the newspapers and magazines.  All cut out perfectly and taped into books or stacked in folders. When I found the Pistachio cake recipe cutout, I knew we had to try it as a rum cake. Did you know they originally called it Watergate Cake?


The light flavor of pistachio and almond in this rum cake is perfect for spring while the rum in the batter and the glaze keeps it super moist.  Crushed pistachios add the perfect amount of texture in this rum cake. 

Our small(5 ounce) cake is the perfect size for sharing.

Cape Fear Rum Cakes are baked in Wilmington NC, right along the Cape Fear River. We use only the finest ingredients to ensure that you receive the highest quality rum cake. Each rum cake is double glazed by hand and vacuum sealed so they will stay fresh in the box for 6 months, longer if frozen.

Pistachio Rum Cake | Small

  • Small Pistachio Rum Cake
    Net Weight: 5 oz

    Allergen Warning: contains wheat, milk, eggs, soy,  tree nuts

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