Spice Pack Sampler

You've asked so we brought them back! Spice Packs make easy and delicious dips and add instant flavor to any meat going on the grill.
From cool ranch to spicy cayenne, we've got the flavor to suit your taste buds. And they're not just for dips. After a long day of baking rum cakes, I'm looking for the fastest easiest dinner. Scroll down below to see the way we use them at home.

(spice packs start shipping on June 15)

Our Spice Pack Sampler includes all of our spice blends.:
Spanish Main(Chipotle)
Shiver Me Timbers(Ranch)
Pieces of Eight(Dill)
Buccaneer Creole(Cayenne)

I love our dill on fish with olive oil and you're ready to marinate or go straight to the grill/oven/pan/etc. Sprinkle a little in mashed potatoes for instant flavor. Chicken is always great with a light dusting of our dill and a little fresh lemon.
If you like hot wings, you'll love our cayenne marinated and baked for a healthy sunday option.
Also great on seafood, from shrimp to fish. Can you say tacos?
Baby back baby back baby back... CHIPOTLE baby back ribs.... You get the idea.
I also use our chipotle spice blend on garbanzo beans. Roast in the oven with olive oil and you've got an addictive little snack, that's also a crunchy addition to salads.
The question here is what can't you use ranch on? Chicken, potatoes and burgers, oh my!

Spice Pack Sampler

  • Mix with cream cheese or sour cream for a delicious dip.
    Use as a rub on fish, chicken or pork.
    The possibilities are endless!
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